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About RAEMS…

You never know when fate might deal that one blow…the one which pits you against the elements, or the one which confronts you with challenges where a mistake may cause the loss of a friend or loved one. It is for these reasons that RAEMS is here for you…

We have developed a series of classes which not only provide a solid learning experience, but which also give hands-on practice in an enjoyable environment. Students learn within small groups, spending a large portion of each course involved in practical exercises.

Our Wilderness courses are presented in a wilderness environment, and not in a classroom. Our First Aid courses are nationally recognized and Occupational Health and Safety compliant, with certificates provided upon course completion.

RAEMS courses have been provided to youth groups, recreational clubs, the construction trades, the oil and gas industry, the RCMP, and to various military organizations throughout North America.

Through our subsidiary, Personal Safety Systems, we are now offering additional courses geared toward Security, Investigators, and First Responders.

Anyway, enjoy your time here…