A Note About Our Courses

Due to Occupational Health and Safety statutes, many safety courses are mandatory for workers. Hand in glove with the statutes are the many company policies which mandate such training.

With the recent downturns in the economy many people are looking for work, many are working under more restricted means, and yet the courses are still priced for the older economy. The established training facilities have been slow to realize they are now dealing with a depressed economy and refuse to lower their prices…not this facility!!!


For example, Wilderness Survival Techniques, which is mandatory in many jurisdictions for solo outdoor work, has regularly been offered at $295.00. It is now, and shall remain available for $265.00. All of our courses are now similarly reduced in cost to assist you all in making it through these difficult times.

In addition to price reductions we will also further discount classes for multiple participants. In other words a group of three booking online will receive further rebates.  We will not, however, consider any reductions in the amount of enjoyment one has, the amount of fresh air provided, or the many thrilling opportunities to commune with the bugs and beasties of the wilderness.


As always, Industry standard courses covering the majority of worksite and occupational first aid requirements will remain available for organizations and industry at a substantial saving through our exclusive discount rate program.

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