August 2016 Wilderness First Aid Course

P1030057$195.00 CDN

A 2 1/2 day course designed to cover remote first aid while enjoying a wilderness setting.  All class sessions are held outdoors in the Rocky Mountain Wilderness, where the validity of each theory may be shown more effectively. Some classes may be modified as they progress due to the unpredictability of nature and weather.

Hands-on practical sessions and lectures combine with an outdoor environment to effectively introduce the unique challenges of casualty care in the wilderness. This course is a must for outdoor counsellors, hikers, hunters, and anyone involved in remote areas.

Student will receive an introductory package beforehand containing a what to bring list. All participants receive reference guide ( actual classes will be visual and hands on), basic first aid items, and a familiarity with the processes involved in dealing with wilderness emergencies. Accommodations will be tent or shelter. If you wish to bring a trailer or an RV for your use please advise us.

Remote Areas Emergency Medicine and Survival will accept no responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses due to improper behaviour. A waiver will be signed by each participant. This is a wilderness area, and various wildlife should not be approached!!

Register by emailing us or use this link