Oxygen Administration                            $75

This day session introduces the student to proper Oxygen administration principles and methods. We all need oxygen to live, however it is not as simple as just turning a valve. It is a medication, and as such has pitfalls as well as benefits. Students will learn:

  • The respiratory system

  • fundamentals of gas exchange

  • The types of oxygen available

  • cylinder capacities and formulas

  • types of masks and applications

  • using the BVM

  • OPAs and NPAs

  • Oxygen safety

  • Incorporation of Oxygen into CPR

  • Storage and transport

The student will receive hands on practice with various oxygen administration tools, and a certificate of completion. All adjuncts, handouts, and materials will be provided.

Minimum age for this course is sixteen years (16).

The Province of Alberta allows first aiders to use oxygen in an emergency, however it is the responsibility of the individual to be conversant with its use.

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